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Bust A Nutt In My Butt

Two Bisexual Babes with Cum Dumpsters

Duration: 25m, 58s, Starring Alexandra Joy, Patricia Well, Mr. Nice

(4 Votes)

Alexandra Joy is back for another assful of cum, with her bisexual friend Patricia Well along for the ride. Mr. Nice is there to pump them full, proving that there is one thing that you can still get at the pump without paying a lot! The girls start off the scene, so you get in a good dose of girl on girl action before there is a cock anywhere on the screen. Then they go for the kill, pouncing on that dick like it's the last cock on earth. As they lick and play with the dong, Mr. Nice is getting ready to pound their asses full of semen.

Pussy Loving Babes Turn to Cock for Cum

Duration: 15m, 49s, Starring Angela Joy, Envy, Mr. Nice

(4 Votes)

Envy and Angela Joy are as bisexual as you can get, with no real preference as to whether they are licking on pussy or sucking on dick. They start this scene out by working their pussy lips nice and slow, but once that pussy is worked with a double sided dong it's time for Mr. Nice to come in and do his thing. Of course he just has that one thing that he does really good - he reams open an ass until he is ready to cum, and then he dumps a giant load in it. That's a good skill to have apparently - these chicks seem to love it.

Hot Amateur Getting Black Dong Cumshot

Duration: 16m, 47s, Starring Sidony Marlee, Michael V.

(2 Votes)

Sidony Marlee doesn't want to get just nasty, she wants to be downright fucked! She wants her pussy and ass used and pleasured until she is so sore that she can't walk for hours - so she goes right for the monster dick of Michael V. He is more than happy to whip out his giant dong and slam it in every hole of hers. He starts with her mouth, sliding it down to hit the back of her throat, then he moves on to that slick pussy. He ends at her ass, filling it up with his chocolate cum for an interracial internal cumshot.

Anal Loving Hotties in Threesome

Duration: 19m, 54s, Starring Angela Joy, Sidony Marlee, Mr. Nice

(1 Vote)

Angela Joy and Sidony Marlee are two of the horniest anal loving pornstars that you will find in all of the world - and it turns out that they are up for some anal internal cumshots as well. Mr. Nice lends his dick to this cause, letting the girls take their time in licking each other's pussies. He just watches the bisexual fuck fest for a bit before plopping himself in the middle. Then the girls are fighting over his dick before they both get an ass full of cock. There is cum leaking all over after this one.

Horny Babe Takes Anal Internal Cumshot

Duration: 11m, 17s, Starring Sarra Brook, Tomas

(3 Votes)

If you love seeing cum dripping out of someone's sweet brown eye, you are going to love the show that Sarra Brook puts on. She's a sweet blond, but you won't even realize it about halfway through the scene because her ass is to the camera 90% of the time. Since her ass is the best part of her body I don't think anyone is going to argue about that, though. Tomas is fucking the hell out of her pussy, making it raw and wild, before he pulls out and then fills up her ass with his wet and dripping, sticky cum.

Hot Bisexual Threesome with Ass Fucking

Duration: 25m, 5s, Starring Alexandra Joy, Lorene Kimberlee, Mr. Nice

(5 Votes)

Alexandra Joy and Lorene Kimberlee are two of my favorite pornstars ever, even though I haven't seen them before this video. You might be wondering why, but it's pretty simple - any chick that is going to go from licking pussy to getting fucked in the ass deserves a thumbs up. Perhaps a thumb up the butt - it's hard to say exactly. They work on each other's sweet cunts for a bit before Mr. Nice shows up. Once he gets there they share the dong between each other before getting an ass fuck for the ages.

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