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Unique Busty Asian Giving Great Head

Duration: 5m, 57s, Starring Aurora Jolie, Marco Banderas

(2 Votes)

Aurora Jolie has one of the most unique Asian looks I've ever seen in porn. She has two toned brunette and blond hair, a giant rack, and a pair of cock sucking lips that will make your toes curl. She switches between no hands, two hands, and a straight up hand job pretty often, so it keeps things interesting for Marco Duato. He just wants to ram his dick down to the back of her throat, but once she starts going it's impossible for him to do anything other than hang on for the ride and then spray his cum all over the place.

Relentless Face Fucker Makes Asian Choke

Duration: 3m, 8s, Starring Haylee Le, Sasha

(1 Vote)

Filthy black slut Melrose Foxxx has come to the porn studio looking for one thing - a pussy full of a white man's semen! You can tell that this dirty black bitch wants to be white, by the paleness of her skin and the fact that she has dyed her hair blond. The next step is for her to get a creampie from a white man! Pornstar Reno volunteers for the job, making the submissive bitch lick his cock before he pounds that tight black slit. She excels at riding the dick, her fake boobs bouncing, and then she takes it hard from the back. Reno spunks right inside her moist hole, filling it with his creamy cum. What a dirty creampie slut!

Tiny Jenna Presley Roughly Gag Banged

Duration: 5m, 16s, Starring Jenna Presley, Marco Banderas

(1 Vote)

When petite brunette Jenna Presley turns up at the porn studio wearing a tiny white singlet, barely concealing her pert breasts, she looks far too young and unworldly to be sucking on a professional pornstar's penis! However, when she kneels in front of tanned, muscular stud Marco Duato, sucking gently on his penis, she looks fully in control. Even when Marco begins to get rough, pulling her hair and gagging her with his penis, she still looks up into his eyes as if to say, is that all you've got? This drives Marco wild, making him fuck her face with even more enthusiasm. Finally he spunks right in her mouth and she gulps down the load.

Blond Fucked In Her Mouth And Her Anus

Duration: 2m, 33s, Starring Annette Schwarz, Sasha

(3 Votes)

Incredibly slutty blond Annette gets taken from both ends by two hardcore studs in this rough threesome and cumshot scene. She begins the scene bent over, looking especially dirty in stockings and with her tits exposed. Her pussy looks so delectable, but the guy who is fucking her ignores her vagina, instead pounding her right in her ass hole. She squeals around the other guy's dick while she gets roughly sodomised, fucked mercilessly in both ends by these relentless fuckers. The guy who has fucking her ass pulls out, spraying his load all over her filthy ass hole. The other guy continues to gag fuck her, finally spunking in her throat.

Luscious Blond Choking on Big Dick

Duration: 7m, 28s, Starring Kinzie Joe, Marco Banderas

(Not Rated)

Kinzie Joe is one of those pornstars that might look like your stereotypical pornstar at first, but she grows on you after awhile. There is nothing quite like seeing that look in her eyes - the look that says she knows she is about to slurp down your dick like you would never believe, and then she just dives in to do it. She loves the feel of her lips around Marco Duato's dick, the way he pounds it down her throat harder and harder. She tries not to choke but it's hopeless - she is spluttering before the end of this blowjob scene.

Short Haired Blond Gobbling Down Dong

Duration: 5m, 50s, Starring Taylor Hilton, Sasha

(Not Rated)

Taylor Hilton has a thing for Sasha, and she has wanted to suck down his dick for a long ass time. When the chance came to act on her desires, she took it right away, wrapping her lips around his dick and holding them there like she has some sort of suction hose. She works it up and down, mostly using only her mouth. As she brings it down to his base she almost chokes, but keeps on deepthroating it like a good cocksucker. By the end of it she has him so turned on that he just sprays his cum like a hose.

Trashy Brunette Choking on Dick

Duration: 5m, 26s, Starring Bobbi Starr, Steven French

(1 Vote)

Bobbi Star is a gorgeous brunette with a very hardcore attitude - and this is the type of attitude that makes her so very open to having a dick shoved down her throat again and again. She just loves to open up nice and wide and feel that schlong work its way down, filling her mouth and throat up until she can barely breath. She chokes a little bit once Steven French really rams it home, but overall she has delivered a great deepthroating experience. She even makes sure to clean the cum up after both of them - it's the least she could do.

Horny Asian Getting Face Fucked

Duration: 3m, 20s, Starring Satine Phoenix, James Deen

(1 Vote)

Satine Phoenix is one of those Asians that you see all the time in porn, but she still seems on the sweet and innocent side - at least until you stick a dick down her throat. Then you have her going to town like no one's business, working her mouth and lips up and down that hefty shaft. She lets it hit the back of her throat and almost chokes, but she recovered pretty well right before her face fucking. Once he pounds the hell out of her like that it's game over, she is just waiting for the cum to drizzle down.

Lusty Brunette Working on Big Dicks In The Living Room

Duration: 4m, 36s, Starring Ashley Marie, Chris Charming

(5 Votes)

Ashley Marie is applying for the job of hot dog tester at the local shopping mart. She knows it's going to be a grueling interview process so she wants to be sure she's got something that the other girls won't have. To that end she called Chris Charming over so she could use him as a prop dog. His cock is bigger than any of the tube-steak she'll have to be tasting all day and if she can fit his whole length down her throat she's sure she'll be able to do the same with whatever else they show her there.

Two Studs Fuck Busty Bitch In The Ass

Duration: 15m, 12s, Starring Aline Xxx, Ben English, Benjamin Brat

(3 Votes)

This bitch gets gaped in her ass good! Busty blond Aline XXX gets double teamed by hardcore porn studs Ben English and Christian XXX in this rough anal threesome. She starts off sucking both cocks, as one guy reaches down to reveal her breasts underneath her bright red bra. The other fella tugs off her panties, sliding his prick into her bright pink, shaved pussy while his buddy continues to fuck the slut's mouth. Halfway through, he sticks his finger into her ass hole while he is fucking her pussy, eventually transitioning to hardcore anal fucking. Both guys fuck her hard and deep in the ass and cum on her dirty brown ass hole.

Busty Black Bitch Sucks And Titty Fucks

Duration: 5m, 34s, Starring Alexis Silver, Sasha

(Not Rated)

Big titty ebony whore Alexis Silver has got nice thick cocksucking lips and she really knows how to work that dick! This girl is the complete cock pleasuring package, starting off by gripping the shaft between her large breasts and giving her man a great titty fuck. She even splits down her own cleavage, to lubricate the gap between her breasts for the dick. Then she begins to use her mouth, kneeling in front of him and then lying on the couch beside him so she can really and impale her throat with the throbbing member. Her man stands up to dominantly fuck her face before she looks into the camera while her jaw gets filled with semen.

Innocent Blond Loves To Choke On Cock

Duration: 6m, 31s, Starring Charlotte Stokely, James Deen

(2 Votes)

It's straight into the action as dirty blond college babe Charlotte chokes for her man James Deen. She opens her mouth wide, but James' cock is just too thick for her mouth and touches the sides of her throat as he thrusts it, making her gag. She almost vomits, and her eyes begin to water, making her makeup run. She looks extra slutty, just the way you like them! Her man dominantly guides her face up and down on his shaft, and she soon learns to accommodate more of the dick and even enjoy this rough and violent treatment. This slut loves to be degraded, and she eagerly swallows every drop of spunk, even licking it off her lips.

Sensational Blond Swallows A Huge Prick

Duration: 4m, 37s, Starring Nicki Hunter, Marco Banderas

(2 Votes)

Porn stud Marco Duarto needs to get his cock sucked, so he gets on the phone and calls up blond whore Nikki Hunter. She gets round to his house straight away, kneeling in front of her man and looking up into his eyes with something approaching worship while she begins to deepthroat his cock. She closes her eyes and you can see her eyelids flickering as her eyes roll back in her head while she gags on the shaft. Nikki has got great tits and the camera pans back to capture as much of her gorgeous body as possible while she blows her man. After some sloppy gagging and throat fucking, Marco spunks down her throat and she swallows the load.

Ass Licking Whores Love To Choke On Dick

Duration: 3m, 55s, Starring Chelsea Rae, Lexi Bardot, Dino Bravo

(4 Votes)

Is there no end to the filthyness of degenerate porn whores Lexi Bardot and Chelsea Rae? These two girls give their man an excellent double blowjob, pushing each other out of the way in their quest to be the one who gets to suck cock. They want to impress their man, making themselves gag and choke while they look victoriously at the other girl. It's not long before their man has to cum, but instead of spunking straight away, he makes the brunette lie down with her ass up in the air. He fucks her briefly in the ass hole and then spunks right in her butt. The blond then licks the semen of the filthy crack - that's fucking dirty!

Tender Ethnic Babe Loves Sucking Pricks

Duration: 4m, 10s, Starring Kat, Van Damage

(5 Votes)

Vicious porn stud Van Damage loves nothing more than getting a dirty young fuck slut and teaching her how to gag. Sexy ethnic blond Angel Valentine looks so cute and innocent as she kneels in front of her man, her small breasts hiding behind her cute lingerie. The camera pans down to her pussy, which is barely concealed by her matching panties. She begins to lick and suck her man's shaft, jerking it with one hand and fellating the head. This isn't enough for the dominant stud, so he grabs her roughly by the back of the head and thrusts his cock right down her throat. She coughs and gags, trying to pull away, but he keeps fucking her mouth.

Lovely Young Hottie Swallows Full Load

Duration: 6m, 20s, Starring Naudia Marie, Jack Venice

(3 Votes)

Perfect college babe Naudia Marie gets gag fucked by stud Jack Venice in this hardcore blowjob scene. The petite blond has her hair back in a ponytail, all the better to keep it out of the way so that the camera and her man can really enjoy seeing the dick going down her throat. She strips down to her panties, baring her pert breasts and spreading her legs so that you can see her cameltoe clearly outlined against the fabric of her underwear. She jerks the cock while she sucks, deepthroating and getting her nose down to her man's pubes. She opens her mouth wide, revealing a pierced tongue while she swallows the semen, gobbling it down.

Cock Starved Blond Loves Face Fucking

Duration: 3m, 53s, Starring Lexi Belle, Marco Banderas

(1 Vote)

Tasty young blond Teagan Presley loves to choke on a big dick! Stud Marco Duato is just the man to give her the oral fucking that she needs. She kneels submissively in front of her man, and he doesn't have to do the thing, as she unzips his pants and pulls them down around his ankles. Gripping his cock firmly around the base with one hand, she begins to nibble on the end before she engulfs the whole thing with her mouth. Marco begins to get excited, grabbing her by the shoulders and the back of the head and gleefully fucks her mouth. Finally he spunks right inside, filling her mouth and throat with semen so it dribbles down her chin.

Slut Chokes On Cock And Swallows Jism

Duration: 3m, 41s, Starring Lily

(Not Rated)

Petite blond babe Lily loves to get gagged by a dominant stud. This girl is perfect, and her pert breasts have to be seen to be believed! She pulls up her singlet to show them off while she sucks, and her nipples poke out and show how excited she really is. Her man gets rough, gripping her by the back of the head and holding her hair in a ponytail so he can see every inch of his cock as it slides down Lily's throat. She tries to push away, but he dominantly holds her jaw open with one hand, all the better to face fuck his cock hungry whore! She looks into the camera while she gags and chokes on the cock, finally swallowing the jism.

Busty Cocksucker Works Her Man's Fat Rod

Duration: 3m, 15s, Starring Eva Angelina

(1 Vote)

Busty brunette Whitney Stevens just loves to suck! Her man gets home after a long day's work and she decides to give him something special, with her mouth! She kneels in front of her man, pushing her full breasts against his thighs while she goes down on him. She doesn't even use her hands, letting her man discipline her orally and thrust vigorously down her throat. She pulls away slightly, trying to gasp and get a breath of air, but her man is relentless, throat fucking her until she is spluttering and coughing. But she loves this rough treatment - she is a degenerate oral fuck slut! She doesn't stop sucking until she's ready to swallow!

Whore Loves To Suck Cock With No Rubber

Duration: 4m, 10s, Starring Jessica

(2 Votes)

This dirty cocksucking whore loves to suck a man's shaft rawdog with no condom! This rich guy orders her up on the Internet and she quickly arrives, ready to fulfil his every need. He has laid a sheet down on the couch to catch any of her juices - don't want the wife to find out! - but instead she kneels on the floor. She submissively sucks him, cupping her breasts between her upper arms and titty fucking the cock. She even spits on her own breasts to lubricate them for the shaft. Then she goes back to deepthroating, gagging and making her own eyes roll back in her head while she chokes on prick. She swallows an entire thick creamy load.

Young Slut Masturbates While She Sucks

Duration: 3m, 15s, Starring Sindee Jennings

(1 Vote)

Filthy young cocksucker Lorena Sanchez wants her man to teach her how to really work that dick. She teases him with a little striptease, shedding her bra and panties onto the floor and kneeling naked in front of him. She plays with herself while she goes down on him, looking up at him and sucking on the prick like her life depended on it. Her pigtails make her look so cute and innocent - very young, so tender! She continues to fiddle with her clitoris while she blows her man, moaning and sliding her slippery lips up and down on the shaft. Finally her man spunks in her mouth and the semen dribbles down her chin - what a slut!

Wet Slit Blond Loves To Be Gag Fucked

Duration: 3m, 23s, Starring Page Morgan, John West

(Not Rated)

Flat chested young blond Page Morgan gets taken back to the crib of stud John West after a night out dancing on the town. Page looks so sexy, wearing a tiny blouse that shows off the shape of her curves and a short skirt that barely covers her ass. John stripped down naked, presenting her with his throbbing rock hard member. She gasps and her eyes widen in astonishment and she kneels with her legs spread in front of him. She plays with her wet slit with one hand while she sucks on John's cock, making herself choke on the member. John helps her along by holding her by the back of the head and roughly gag fucking her - she loves it!

Amazing Titties On This Dirty Cocksucker

Duration: 5m, 11s, Starring Sammie Rhodes

(1 Vote)

Check out the amazing breasts on blond cocksucker Sammie Rhodes ! They are perfect, heavy and round, with bar bells through the nipples. She kneels in front of her man, sitting on her feet with her legs spread. She's wearing see-through panties and you can clearly see her slit through her underwear. There are some fantastic shots looking upwards from the ground, capturing her perfect thighs, moist cunt and luscious breasts while she blows her man. He gets rough with this cock sucking whore, making her gag and choke she doesn't look so sophisticated while she's choking on prick! She turns her head away from the cumshot, taking it on her chee

Trina Miachaels Is Taking Sahsa's Cock In Her Mouth

Duration: 4m, 58s, Starring Trina Michaels, Sasha

(1 Vote)

Now this is a truly professional whore! Stacked blond Trina Michaels loves nothing more than to be disciplined orally by a big dick stud. Porn stud Sasha has disciplined many a bitch before, and he knows exactly all the tricks to pull out to really beat this bitch down. He gets her going with a bit of generic throatfucking, making her sit on the bed while he throat fucks her. Then he pushes her back so that she is lying with her breasts pointing upwards and her throat straight. This is the perfect position for some really rough and deep throatfucking - she can barely breathe! She sits up again, coughing and spluttering as she swallows.

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